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1. Mass storage to meet the different needs of your office, study and entertainment.
2. USB 3.0 interface, 40.8MB/s read speed, 20.6MB/s write speed, fast transfer, greatly improving work efficiency.
3. A-level Fash chip, data storage is more stable and faster.
4. Adopt domestic UDP technology, safe and waterproof, shockproof, and take it out and dry it immediately after falling into the water.
5. Compatible with support for external storage expansion of all computers and most TV/car speakers.
6. Zinc alloy body and delicate and delicate ring drawing, showing an unparalleled gloss.
7. Compact size for easy portability.

Connect the USB interface of the player box or the USB interface of the TV or the car card speaker, and the device itself needs USB extension.

1. Size: 32.7x15x5mm.
2. Interface: USB 3.0.
3. Material: zinc alloy.
4. System: Win XP/7/8/10, Linux 2.4.X, Mac OS 9.X and above.

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