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1. Plug and play, support hot swap.
2. Use AES265 encryption algorithm to protect your data security.
3. The fingerprint U disk is replaced by public and hidden sectors. The common sector can be accessed immediately after the fingerprint USB disk is inserted into the USB port of the computer, but the hidden sector will only appear after the corresponding fingerprint authentication succeeds.
4. Only one administrator password can be set, and 6 fingerprint users can be added.
5. Unique back-end central management system, user-friendly settings and viewing, management rights.
6. 360-degree fingerprint recognition, only 0.5 seconds, accurate recognition.
7. Anti-scratch and anti-wear, greatly improving the service life of the fingerprint U disk.

1. Chip: IC fingerprint module.
2. Weight: 18g.
3. Material: zinc alloy.
4. Size: 59.5×20.5×7.2mm.
5. Interface: USB2.0.
6. Support system: Windows Xp/7/8/10/ Vista/Linux, Mac OS, etc.
7. Application: Store backup files, movies, music, pictures, software, materials, files, etc.

1. The first time you use the USB flash drive, you need to set a password. If you forget the password, you cannot retrieve it. Please remember this password.
2. If the password is forgotten, the fingerprint will not be able to unlock the U disk. After the password is incorrectly entered 254 times, the U disk will start the self-destruction program and all data will be completely cleared.
3. Apple laptop users use the fingerprint encryption U disk for the first time. You need to add the fingerprint in the windows system operation before you can use the encryption function.

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