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1. Storage medium TLC chip, using high-performance storage architecture, each storage unit only stores 3bit, high-speed read and write, strong stability and long service life.
2. The main control chip SMI2258H, four-channel design, single-core high-speed processor, low power consumption.
3. Internally install DDR3 to form a 4GB independent cache to further improve read and write speed.
4. Use 6-layer PCB board structure to ensure that all firmware lines are stable and smooth, and the data is stable.
5. The reading and writing speed is higher than that of the traditional mechanical hard disk, the power consumption is low, the noise is low, the card is rejected, the security is shockproof, and the use is safer.
6. The operating system supports Win7/8/Windows/Windows XP and so on.

1. Capacity: 240GB.
2. Interface: SATA3.0 6Gb/s (compatible with SATA 3Gb/S and SATA 1.5Gb/S)
3. Dimensions: 2.5 inches, length 100mm, width 69.85mm, height 6.8mm.
4. The main control chip SMI2258H (read speed 520MB / s, write speed 460MB / s).
5. Storage medium TLC chip (with 4GB independent cache).
6. Shock resistance: non-operation (1500G, lasting 0.5ms, 3 axes)
7. Vibration: not running (20-20004z, 20G).

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